Balance Family Chiropractic

Your Initial Chiropractic Visit

Dr. Jennifer Murray is very thorough and you can expect a complete health history and examination on your initial visit. 

Patient History: Dr. Jennifer will discuss the nature and extent of your condition with you to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate treatment for the condition. She will ask about your entire health history, not just about recent events. As a primary care provider, Dr. Jennifer needs to know of any serious conditions, previous injuries or surgeries or medication that may be affecting your health.

Physical Exam: Orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic spinal testing will be performed to determine the general health status and the origin of specific problems. Dr. Jennifer will look at you walk (your gait cycle), how you stand, how you bend and twist and look for any tender areas wDr. Jen holding model of spine and pelvis with patient  ith physical palpation. *If you are a runner and seeing Dr. Jen for the first time, please bring shorts and your current running shoes.*

Posture Pro Analysis: Dr. Jen will also take photos of you from the front and side in a posture assessment. These photos will be imputed to our computerized posture assessment program to determine any biomechanical deficiencies and provide a postural benchmark.

Computerized Paraspinal Thermography: Dr. Jen will also utilize surface thermography which is a precise, safe, painless and reliable diagnostic test that measures the infrared heat emitted from the body’s surface to assess for abnormal nervous system function. This is looking for inflammatory areas in your spine that might be leading to your problems.

X-Rays: Based on history and examinations findings, low dose x-rays may be ordered to assess the structure and alignment of the spine. OHIP covers x-rays ordered by Chiropractor’s in Ontario and our affiliated lab, Ontario Medical Imaging in Richmond Hill and Aurora, supplies digital images of x-rays immediately to Dr. Jen to review.

Your first visit will be approximately 45 minutes in length with Dr. Jennifer Murray. Please download your initial forms and have them filled out completely before arriving at the clinic.

Please note, many health benefit plans cover chiropractic. Due to their individuality, we do not directly bill to your health insurance carriers. We will be very happy to give you a receipt for any services rendered to submit for reimbursement.