Balance Family Chiropractic

Athletic Performance

the legs of many runners in a marathonIt is estimated that over 90% of elite level athletes utilize chiropractic to help them achieve their greatest athletic potential. These individuals challenge their physical and mental limits everyday and keep track of their function and performance in relation to their true wellness potential.  They don’t wait until they get sick or injured.  They fine-tune their bodies and nervous systems to realize their true potential. Whether you are a professional athlete, a child or a weekend warrior, chiropractic care can help you achieve your best results and prevent chronic injuries associated with training from occurring.

How do chiropractic adjustments help with performance? Chiropractors locate vertebrae that are misaligned or subluxated and correct these areas.  A subluxed vertebrae is less efficient than a properly aligned vertebrae and this leads to greater energy expenditures from the muscles above and below the affected joint as well as earlier muscle fatigue due to insufficient nerve flow to the muscles.

four children kicking a yellow ballAt Balance Family Chiropractic, we are also very focused on keeping our young athletes well adjusted. Whether your child is starting tots soccer, is getting into contact sports like football or jumping sports like volleyball, younger athletes can experience issues due to their enthusiasm, slower reaction times, decreased coordinated and the fact that they are still growing and developing.

So why wait until an injury sets in to see a chiropractor? If you or your child participates in a sport and/or exercises at the gym regularily, you should do the body a favour get that spine aligned!