Suffering From a Fall off the Workout Wagon? Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off – It’s Time to Jump Back On!


The past two weeks have brought eerily similar stories from many patients: “I am always  stiff now in the mornings”, ” by the end of the day my back is killing me”, “I am really tired all the time”. The shocking thing is that all these patients are healthy, active people that have been under Chiropractic care for an extended period of time with great results. So what is happening right now? What is the common theme? No, it is not “I guess I am getting older”… NO WAY! What I have identified in every one of these cases is A FALL OFF THE WAGON… and by that I mean a big decrease in their activity level and exercise program in the last few months.

Everyone will have ebb and flows in their schedules. Things happen. Life happens. Busy begets busy.( I can absolutely attest to this fact – puppies are exhausting! ). The trick is to recognize what’s happening and take control of your body again. And this takes A LOT of work for a few weeks and then you remember how awesome it makes you feel and you are back!

Whether your slide is a few months or a year or two it’s time to press the RESET button and get back to work on you. No time is the right time until you make it right. It’s always too busy. Just make a decision. Pick something and get to work. For those who have “fallen off the wagon” you KNOW what to do. You also know how tough those first few workouts or runs will be which makes you cringe for a few more days, exhausted and sore on the couch. Until you do it. And the third (or tenth) one feels great! So don’t wait for the New Year. Grad that wagon wheel and start to pull yourself back on. You will be thanking yourself by January 1st!