Honouring Our Mother’s This Week! Energy Tips for Busy Mom’s


What do I hear most often from all the hard working Mom’s in my office? “I have no time“, “I have no energy” and “I am so tired”. Here are a few Energy gaining Tips for all you busy Mom’s out there:

1) Guzzle a Full Bottle of Water – mild dehydration can affect your body even before you know you’re thirsty and can leave you with headaches, fatigue and lack of energy.

2) Get Moving – Studies have shown that regular exercise is better than a nap for boosting your energy levels. Understanding your crazy schedule -get what you can. Take your child for a stroller walk in the neighbourhood and incorporate a few big hills. Walk circles around the soccer or baseball field where your child is practicing or playing a game. Lane swim if possible during a child’s swim lesson. Use a treadmill or elliptical while your children are doing homework. If all else fails – crank the music and have a dance party!

3) Eat a good breakfast – would you let the kids start their day without a healthy breakfast? A cup of coffee does not equal a healthy start to the day! Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast can give you great energy to tackle the day.

4) Eat healthy snacks throughout the day – When your blood sugar drops you will feel drained, tired and cranky. Eating small, healthy snacks can keep your energy on an even keel and avoid the need for a “sugar rush” snack that will crash your system even more. 

5) Spend some real play time with your child – So much to do today…get dressed, eat, prepare meals, drop here, drop there … all this can lead to empty exhausted feelings. Give parenting a break and PLAY. Abandon yourself completely and play without a deadline, timeline or goal.