Did Your Summer Look Like This??

bb fall

Ahh summer. So much fun to be had, so little time. Did you indulge in all sorts of amazing summer activities? Did you wake board, water ski, camp, portage a canoe, relax in a hammock, road trip across the country or cottage? That all sounds AMAZING but … have you had your spine checked AFTER all these super fun activities?

Think of the woman in the featured photo (actual patient photo!!) – she tries to wake board as much as possible all summer and there are certainly falls like this one that makes me (her Chiropractor!) cringe. I see whiplash as a minimum, maybe an over extended lower back, possibly a wrenched knee. This patient sees me once a week to make sure that her wake boarding adventures are not having permanent effects on her spine and nervous system. Think of a canoe trip – the backpack load on your spine as you carry it across the portage not to mention the weight of the canoe and the sleeping surface of your thermarest. Resting and relaxing in a hammock all day can be blissful but also can cause some stress on your spine by being in a flexed position for too long. Long family road trips can be fun and adventurous but if you are not used to sitting for hours and hours this can cause lower back pain and dysfunction. These stresses on your spine can be easily taken care by your Chiropractor – the sooner is always the better.

When was your last adjustment? Summer is busy – children have camps, there are various holiday weeks and travel – has it been ALL SUMMER without an adjustment? Call Dr. Jen now! Haven’t seen her before? No problem! Call and Risa will book an appointment ASAP!!