Are You Older or Younger Than Your Chronological Age?


Recently I had an excellent question from a patient I was wishing a Happy Birthday. The question was: are the majority of patients you see healthy, vibrant and “younger” than their chronological age or seem older?  I immediately wanted to answer YOUNGER but on more thought realized a lot of people that seek my care are doing so precisely because of this question.

Too often new patients are crawling into our office with chronic neck pain, lower back pain or headaches.They are tired, stressed, work at a desk all day, have very poor posture, low energy and haven’t exercised regularly in 10 years. These people are “older” than their chronological years. They have low muscle tone from the poor posture and no exercise, which puts excessive stress on their spinal joints leading to degeneration and pain. They seem to have no faith that their body can recover. I often hear “I’m too old” now when I ask about sports previously enjoyed.

THIS CAN CHANGE! Chiropractic care is a great start to turn your body’s clock around. Your body is an amazing piece of machinery but like any machine, without use it will develop rust. Rust can be worked off! Chiropractic adjustments can realign your spine and enhance your nervous system function. Exercise, started slowly and properly can benefit EVERYONE no matter the age. “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT”!

Work at the basics: realign your spine with Chiropractic, develop your cardiovascular fitness, strength, posture improvements and mobility. and you too can be YOUNGER EVERY YEAR!

I make it a habit to practice what I preach -I move everyday. Whether it is just a 30 minute walk with my dog, Stella, or a 3 hour bike ride, movement and activity are a priority for me. It keeps my cardiovascular and muscular systems strong, it helps with stress reduction and cleans my mind allowing me to enjoy fresh air and gain perspective on my day. MOVE IT! Trust me, you will feel better.