You Have Had A Car Accident – Have You Seen Your Chiropractor Yet?


A car accident can be a very shocking and overwhelming experience – ask Dr. Jen as she experienced her first MVA in November. Along with all the paperwork and phone calls required to fix your vehicle there are also many rules and regulations surrounding treatment for any injuries you sustained. Do you know what treatment you are entitled to?
If you have been involved in an accident, make an appointment to be assessed as soon as possible following the accident. Many people will be in too much shock to feel pain right away or regard neck pain or headaches as a secondary stress to being in an accident but you may have Whiplash or a sprain/strain injury in your upper or lower back. A thorough Chiropractic assessment is essential so you do not end up having injuries suffered in the accident go untreated. You could feel “fine” for a few days after the accident only to have severe symptoms appear “out of nowhere”.

Dr. Jen was hit one morning on the way to the office. After dealing with the police and tow truck operator she went DIRECTLY to her Chiropractor. If there is something more serious you may require an ambulance to the hospital first or possibly a visit to your medical doctor; but please be aware that visiting your medical doctor IS NOT A REQUIREMENT PRIOR TO STARTING TREATMENT. Dr. Jen and all Chiropractors are primary health care providers and can assess and direct any care, even if you need x-rays.

Please also note that every individual in Ontario injured in a car accident is entitled to a certain amount of care that is pre-approved by insurance companies under the Minor Injury Guidelines. The paperwork required to initiate care is TIME SENSITIVE. Do not wait for your insurance company to mail you the forms. Dr. Jen can complete and submit all the required paperwork to your insurance company and assist you with yours. Remember, as with any injury, the body heals best when we can start working with the muscles and joints AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOLLOWING INJURY. Dr. Jen was adjusted the day of her accident and 3 more times that same week. In the ensuing 8 weeks, she has carved out the time to attend treatment 2-3 times a week with Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. She is happy to report that she is recovering well from the injuries she sustained in her accident and attributes this rapid recovery to Chiropractic – getting adjusted RIGHT AWAY and FREQUENTLY.

It’s a shocking experience and dealing with getting your car fixed can be exhausting but remember not to forget to get YOURSELF fixed!