Today’s Tech Causing Issue With Our Youth

poor posture in youth

Children today are spending too much time hunched over technology – whether it be game boys, phones or tablets leading to poor posture, an increase in back pain as well as the increased development of curvatures in the spine. As a Chiropractor focused on whole body health for the entire family, Dr. Jen encourages you to bring your asymptomatic (pain free) children in for a spinal assessment to evaluate posture, growth and misalignment’s due to various falls, sports etc that can affect them later in life. In the last five years she has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of children presenting in the clinic  WITH PAIN SYMPTOMS seen most commonly in adults and poor posture is the root of most of these symptoms.
The spine has 3 normal curvatures that act to distribute forces and loads properly. Sitting all day in a forward “slumping” position alters those proper, normal curves puts abnormal loads on the muscles, ligaments, joints and discs of the spine leading to pain in the form of upper back pain, headaches, tingling into the arms and hands as well as lower back pain, fatigue, clumsiness and poor digestion and elimination. Previously these were complaints seen mainly in older adults who worked in front of computers all day. Now younger and younger patients are presenting with these symptoms. The hunching postures combined with a general lack of physical activity is a recipe for disaster for our youth as they are developing spinal issues earlier and earlier in life. The best defense is limiting the “tech” time, teaching and reinforcing good posture as well as incorporating and encouraging physical activity. Parents take note this epidemic is also common in adults and could be named “iPad Back” or “Texting Back”.

If anyone in your family is spending too much time in the hunched position, please make them an appointment with Dr. Jen. Chiropractic is safe and effective for all ages and is best utilized as a HEALTH PROMOTION tool versus a COMBAT A PROBLEM tool.