Don’t Be A January Gym-er! Fight The Fall Off – Make A Plan!


I was annoyed the first Wednesday in January when some new person took “my” bike at my regular spin class. To console myself, I thought that person would probably not be there by February to fight me for my favourite bike – DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!

You evaluated your life at the end of 2012 and made the commitment – THIS was the year. You were going to start to take care of YOU. You joined the gym. You bought new workout stuff and went to the gym 4 times the first week, 3 times the second week, squeezed in 2 times the next week and by February 1st it had been a week since you had seen your spin bike.
Why did you fall of your wagon so quickly? Most people have great intentions and get as far as joining the gym before life catches up to them. Here are some suggestions on keeping that commitment to yourself:

MAKE A PLAN: You need to have the motivation to make a positive change in your life but you need a PLAN to implement this change. Book your workouts. Take your family calender and your work calender and book in your workouts just like any other meeting or child’s function. It can take 3 weeks to a month to establish a routine so it may be a bit of a challenge to work it all in initially but once you have, you have!  

BE REASONABLE: Making the gym 5 times a week may be fantastic but, in reality, not plausible. Review your commitments and make a reasonable schedule that you can keep, making sure to get at least 3 workouts in/week.

BUDDY UP: Enlist a friend! The best way to keep yourself accountable is to have someone else helping! Working out is more fun with a buddy and often the guilt of missing a scheduled workout with them is just the push you need. Wanting to meet up with a friend for a visit? Make it a walk or a run visit!

FIND YOUR EXERCISE: You hate the gym. Every moment. This is not going to help you reach your fitness goals! Find a new activity! Join a running group! Do a yoga class! Walk outside and sing to yourself! Exercise is FUN and should be!

Don’t be part of the January fall off factor… fight me for “your” bike in my spin class! Your body will thank you for it.