New Year, New You! Healthy Living Fundamentals to Live By


Are you always tired? Stressed? Burning the candle at both ends? Are you constantly battling cold and flu’s? Would you like to make a change? YES??

The simple fundamentals for health are: good clean eating, exercise, adequate rest and stress reduction.

Good, clean eating: Think whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish with the least amount of processing. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Reduce intake of refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine & fast food. Pack nutritious lunches to fuel your afternoons. Meal plan for the week and cook on Sundays. Have healthy snacks readily available.

Exercise: Guidelines advise 60 minutes of moderate physical activity for children/day and 150 minutes for adults/week. Exercise is not a luxury. It keeps your heart, muscles & bones healthy, decreases the effects of aging, helps clear the mind & dissipates stress. Make the time. Schedule your exercise time just as you would any other meeting or child’s event.

Adequate Rest:  Adults are recommended at least six hours of quality sleep per night to wake feeling refreshed and alert. Sleep is restorative and without adequate, restful sleep you can become more susceptible to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. Lack of sleep also affects the immune response ability of your body.

Stress Reduction: Stress, our body’s “fight or flight”, response is a normal body function. It allows survival when being chased by bears. There is a hormonal peak while we run from the bear and then a slow dissipation back to a normal, functioning body level. The problem with constant, reoccurring “bears” is our bodies do not have the dissipation time and remain at a high, frenzied level. This fatigues the system and saps the body. Stress happens but you have to find activities that allow your body recovery from the “bear” peak.

Making healthy changes in your life may not make you completely immune to sickness but you will be pleasantly surprised to notice how often you DON’T catch the flu and if you do, you will recover much quicker. THINK HEALTHY!